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Monday 14th July - Saturday 20th September

Our Kids Dance Classes for babies, toddlers and children, feature preschool ballet and kids hip hop lessons for boys and girls dancing in Penrith.
Our uniquely designed kids dance lessons are the perfect balance of structure and fun!
We have baby and toddler dancing lessons for young children from 12 months old!
Preschool Ballet lessons combine Jazz, Tap and Fairy ballet.
Our Boys dance classes include, boys hip hop lessons, boys breakdancing and acrobatics classes.

Your child's development is encouraged and nurtured through our fun and educational dance programs!

I would just like to say a big thank you to Munchie Movers, Sienna is diagnosed with autism, we were told constantly what Sienna could not do and what she was limited to doing until she joined Munchie Movers.
Sienna started Dancing with Munchie Movers about a term ago, in that time she has progressed a lot, she has developed more social skills and has made friends, her gross motor skills have developed, she is more confident and Sienna is having so much fun!  

We are so proud of her and for once she is just one of the kids, We decided to drop Sienna's Occupational Therapy as we feel that she is gaining all the skills needed in her classes. The parents at Munchie Movers are so supportive of all the children, its a fun place to be and not stressful at all!

Thank you Jackie you are amazing, you are always supportive of her, you are very patient with all the children and show them how dancing is fun, you have never let her autism get in the way of her learning, you have always taken the extra few minutes if needed to show the children your routines and we thank you.

Belinda (Sienna 6 Years)