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Munchie Movers Dance Concerts
Saturday 19th December 2015
On Sale Saturday 28th November 9am

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End of Year Concert 2015 – 19th December

PUBLISHED: August 19, 2015 2:29 am

Munchie Dance Concerts!!


Our Dance Concerts are a very relaxed opportunity for your Munchies to dance with their friends on the big stage in front of friends and family.

Our Concerts are always a fun filled experience with beautiful memories made. Concert are not compulsory but are most definitely encouraged.


The benefits of performing go far beyond just dancing on the stage. It’s a wonderful opportunity to build valuable life skills. Dancing independently and in a team builds confidence and nurtures self-esteem, whilst the sense of pride from getting on the stage is a big achievement!


On the concert day, your child’s teacher will be right there on the side of stage to guide your Munchies as necessary. Some classes may be able to perform more independently than others, whilst other classes may need more on stage guidance. But it doesn’t matter, its about getting up there and giving it a go and having lots of fun! Most of our Munchies are begging to go back on the stage after their dance has finished, which is why they perform multiple times!


We want this to be an exciting and beautiful experience for everyone (parents included!)

Please don’t feel concerned if your child walks on stage, then continues just to stand and smile rather than dance. For some little people (even big people) just getting on stage in the first place is a HUGE achievement. Celebrate every little step and every little smile, whether it’s what you expected or the opposite to everyone else!!!

It’s all about Dressing up, feeling beautiful and HAVING FUN!!!


There will be TWO shows on the Concert Day

Show 1: 1.00pm   

Show 2: 3.00pm. 


Dancers perform in ONE show ONLY.

(SuperPOP & SuperBreakers will perform in both shows)

Each show will go for approx. 1.5hrs. We have two short shows to ensure your toddlers’ attention span is maintained for the duration. The shows will go quite quickly with costume changes and a short intermission.

Each class will perform either Two or Three dances in their concert. (Check with your child’s teacher)


Below are the details for our 2015 Munchie Christmas Concert.


Where:                The Light House Theatre, Penrith Anglican College

When:                  Saturday 19th December 2015

Time:                   1pm and 3pm


Concert Tickets go On Sale Saturday 28th November 9am at the Studio


If you have any questions please email us info@munchiemovers.com.au


Happy Dancing! xx