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Munchie Movers Dance Concerts
Saturday 19th December 2015
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My 2 daughters, Lilivien (4 years) and Caitlyn-Rose (2 years), attend munchie movers and

absolutely love it!

Lilivien first started With munchie movers at 2, she was a very shy little girl and within a few

weeks of attending she truely blossomed into an outgoing child, we had to leave for a short

time due to relocation but after we’d settled I decided to make the trek every week back to

munchie movers because it had been so beneficial to her, she is such a bright outgoing little

girl who absolutely adores her teachers and class mates, she looks forward to dancing every

week, she does both minipop and mini breakers and every week I see her grow and learn

more with the encouragement of her teacher. She loves to perform and eagerly awaits the

concert to be able to show off her skills on stage, the programs munchie movers provides are

fun and challenging to a blossoming toddler and help them transition into bright, talented

little girls!

Caitlyn-Rose started in babypop and is now in popettes. In baby pop there were times when

she wouldn’t participate without holding my hand but thanks to the encouragement from her

teacher she managed to get a wonderful amount of confidence and even managed to perform

solo at the Christmas concert and now doesn’t even need me in her popettes class. She started

off very shy, and not a very big talker and now she’s turning into a little chatter box and her

confidence is slowly blooming!

Munchie Movers provides a great place for the kids to make friends, learn skills, and spend

their energy in a fun and productive manner, the teachers are amazing and the kids adore

them, they make their learning fun and arrange dress ups and activities for the kids to explore

their imaginations. It has been so beneficial to my kids and we are truely grateful!

We all look so forward to their lessons every week, thanks Munchie Movers for making

everything so fun!

Amy, Lilivien 4 years and Caitlyn-Rose 2 years

Amy – Lilivien 4yrs, Caitlyn 2 yrs

My daughter started at Munchie Movers two years ago, after a friend had recommended the

dance school, and has loved every minute. We have found the teachers to be all extremely

caring, patient and professional with the children.

We have loved watching our daughter grow in the last two years, thanks to the

fantastic programs that Munchie Movers offers. We have also witnessed

wonderful friendships made, through our daughter attending dance classes each week.

Kind Regards

Kristi Cavanagh

Kristi – Ruby 5yrs

Thank you once again Munchie Movers! You certainly live up to your promises and deliver developmentally appropriate and fun dance classes for our children!

I love how committed all the staff are to providing so much fun and learning in each class.

It’s so wonderful that I have found a place that is accepting of my child who has ASD.

Your programs have helped her more than you know and I’ll always be grateful that you’ve given Olivia and so many other children the chance to shine!


Big Thank you!!


Katrina – Olivia 4yrs

I just wanted to thank the studio for an amazing dance concert! Sharmi has been lucky enough to learn from great teachers who show nothing but passion, patience and enthusiasm for these little munckins.

Sharmi has come so far with her milestones since attending BabyPOP, and we are so glad we found a studio where the children can learn to dance and can also have fun and contribute to their development at the same time.

Many thanks again

Mel – Sharmi 18months

My 2yr olds daughter previously in a dance school, where they had to follow rules and moves and in my opinion weren’t allowed to behave like normal 2yr olds and dance and move freely. Until i switched to Munchie Movers. I was soooooooo happy with the BabyPOP class. The children were allowed to dress up and wear what they wanted. Parents were encouraged to participate and dance with their kids.

Children played with hula hoops, tambourines, ribbons and toys and danced to the wiggles which my daughter loved!

i would definitely highly recommend this class to any mum whose children who love dancing – SOOOOO grateful I switched!

Thanks to the great communication from the staff via email and the teachers for their work!

Elisa – Olivia 2yrs

It’s an absolutely amazing place that makes my shy 3 and 1yr olds Blossom!!!!

My 3yr old absolutely loves her teachers and the programs!

The classes are fun and upbeat and really bring the kids out of their shells!

We love and highly recommend it!

Amy – Caitlyn 1yr & Lilivien 3yrs

My 2 daughters Madison (3 years) & Sophie (20 months) both attend classes at Munchie

Movers. They both love their dance classes & all the teachers a Munchie Movers.

Madison started at Munchie Movers when she was 2 years old in the Popettes class.

Madison is now attends Tinypop and also loves the Mini Breakers Program!

Madison has always been a confident child who needs lots of stimulation throughout the

day, she has lots of personality and loves dancing & singing really loud!

I am so happy that all the teachers at Munchie Movers have always encouraged Madison to

be herself & allowed her to enjoy her development & learning.

Sophie only recently started Munchie Movers at 19 months old. Sophie was a late walker,

and started walking at 18 months.

Munchie Movers has helped with Sophie’s confidence. Sophie can be shy at times and

wouldn’t leave my side in her first lesson, but now within only a few weeks she doesn’t need

me in the class with her!

She loves her teacher and interacts well with other students in her class.

She loves wearing her tutu to dancing and has the biggest smile on her face all lesson!

Sophie is now able to jump, run and almost stand on one leg.

If you watched her in class, you would not believe that she only started walking a couple

of months ago.

We truly love Munchie Movers and the amazing program they offer and we all look forward

to their lessons every week!

Renae  – Madison 3yrs, Sophie 20 months

Renae – Madison & Sophie

My daughter was so shy in her first class she was in tears.

Thanks to the beautiful caring teachers, by her second class she was smiling, dancing and having a ball!

So pleases we found this fabulous dance school!

Kate – Harper 4yrs

Before starting Munchie Movers Sienna had been attending Occupational Therapy weekly for the last 2yrs.

Prior to attending Munchie Movers, Sienna was having lots of trouble with her gross motor skills and was struggling with confidence.

9months later and we have dropped all of Sienna’s occupational therapy sessions.

Her ability to do things on her own has improved dramatically. She is now participating in acrobatics and because of this is able to move her body better. Her school teachers have even told me she is climbing on the play equipment, which she was terrified to do months ago.

Sienna’s confidence has grown dramatically and i believe she will only improve and get better while attending Munchie Movers

Thanks so much!

Narelle – Sienna 6yrs

I chose Munchie Movers when Oni was nearly 2 because it was the only

dance program that incorporated the child care model of early learning ELYF

and also allow me to participate as a parent.

Oni have been dancing there for the last 3.5 years and we love the attention

Oni has always received which is a standard practice with all the kids.

The teachers are not pretentious and regardless of ability everyone is treated

like a star performer. The teachers are also caring and fun and treat you as

the parents as important customers.

Oni loves the combination classes and especially the end of year concerts.

Oni’s confidence has blossomed as a result of attending Munchie Movers

and is not afraid to try new things.

The dance school has always made us feel so welcome!

If you are looking for a school that treats you and your child with respect and

attends to your child’s individuals needs and talents then this is definitely the

school for you!

I can’t recommend it enough and the kids really love it!

Daniella, Oni 5yrs

Daniella, Oni 5yrs

When I told people that I was starting to take my 18 month old to ‘dance lessons’ at

Munchie Movers they either thought it was a great idea or that I was crazy because

she was too little. But here are the reasons I love about taking her at such a young


1. She is developing rapidly meaning you notice a HUGE difference week by

week. Each week it is such a joy to see her master a new skill that eluded her the

week before.

2. When we first started she was very clingy which was no problem because the

parents are encouraged to get involved and so it became something we did

together. Now, 6 months later she has grown in confidence to participate

independently of me.

3. The classes are softly structured and offer flexibility which is so necessary for

toddlers who don’t always want to cooperate and do what they are ‘supposed’ to do.

If during one song she just wants to stand in front of the mirror and twirl around,

that’s OK, and the teachers are great at harnessing each child’s individuality.

I really couldn’t recommend Munchie Movers enough and love that their approach is

to offer classes that are more about the development of the child than about

learning a choreographed routine. This makes it a perfect activity for toddlers!

Belinda, Harriet 18 Months

Belinda, Harriet – 18months

We started Hannah in Baby Boppers class when she 18 monthds old. She was extremely shy and would only go to my husband and mum.

Hannah started BabyPOP in February 2014 and she still wouldn’t leave my side. By then end of first term (march) she was dancing by herself, following instructions, and would even go over to the teacher and give her a high five!

She loved her dance class and her confidence continued to improve and I noticed she started being more social and outgoing out side of dance class.

Her teacher suggested she move to the POPettes class, but I was quite apprehensive at first, but by the second lesson, she was dancing by herself, without me in the room!

I can’t believe how much she has developed and improved.

She doesn’t go to any other classes, or playgroups, and so I can only pin point Munchie Movers for the quick change and growth.

My husband even noticed the skills she has learnt dancing are now transferring over into our normal life. She understands lining up, and waits her turn, even at the park! Her listening has improved so much, and she has a better understanding socially and emotionally. Her dad cannot believe the change and growth in her.

Her dance class has helped grow our little girl in so many ways, we are so happy! This is a magic place!!!


Hannah, 4yrs

Hannah Crawley

I am a mother of two girls aged 6 & 4. I live in the Blue Mountains but travel to Penrith to attend Munchie Movers. I have been attending Munchie Movers (Ministry of Dance) since my eldest was 2. We started with BabyPOP and progressed through to POPetes , MiniPOP and now SuperPOP. I believe Munchie Movers are age appropriate, fun, but still has good teachers with dance backgrounds that provide good techniques. The excitement over the concert and getting costumes is priceless.

I have watched my daughter become confident in front of her peers, teachers and a crowd. The benefit from also from the friendships and dressing up and behaving for others. They learn dance moves, increase memory, learn to dance to the music and dancing as a group. They thoroughly enjoy it. They both look forward to dancing every week and especially look forward to dressing up for the mid year and end of year concert where they can show off their dance moves they have learnt all year.

My youngest daughter started at 1 year old doing a movement class then BabyPOP Boppers now POPettes. She was more shy than the eldest but she has gone from being clingy to joining in and having fun by herself.

I find Munchie Movers a great setup for the classes with a variety of dance styles throughout the 30 minutes – 2hours. My girls enjoy the different style of dance which keeps them interested for the whole class. I find my children both increased their attention span, become confident in front of peers and crowds and the enjoyment and enthusiasm to do the classes is all I can ask for.

All the skills that they are learning at a young age will be building blocks for all social aspects when growing up. All the techniques and styles of dance are all great and are very age appropriate.

I recommend Munchie Movers to everyone if they are looking at starting or changing dance classes as I have had a great outcomes for my children with dance from Munchie Movers. Miss Jacki and the teachers at Munchie Movers are welcoming, friendly and experienced. My children have enjoyed every year and this is probably due to the dedicated and friendly teachers.


Ava 6yrs, Leah 4yrs

Ali Seymour

Hi Jackie,

Just a quick email to let you know how joining your dancing school has helped Kyla.

As you know Kyla has been going to dancing for 12 months now. This year her school had her annual Disco. Last year she really didn’t dance a lot, she was like a little wall flower watching the other kids dance around and having fun. She spent most of the disco sitting with me rather than dancing around, she was not very confident within herself at all.

This year what a difference! Her confidence exploded, she spent the night dancing up a storm, even getting up on the stage and leading the other girls in a dance lol….

You have no idea how happy this made me watching her dance so freely with so much confidence.

She came away from that Disco saying “that was the best Friday night I’ve ever had”

I had no idea the impact her dancing would have on her. I thought it would be fun for her to meet other little girls and socialise with girls other than at her school – that was my main focus for her joining.

This has really been such a great, gentle confidence booster she needed. I really had no idea it would make so much difference in her life, I am amazed.

So thanks for the time you and your Dance, its given new light to this little girl.


Belinda Robertson – Kylah 6 yrs

Cyrena Loves Munchie Movers, because she gets to dance like a princess and have fun with her friends.

Natalie – Cyrena (4yrs)

My daughter, Isabella loves dancing! Every week (without fail) we count down the days until dancing day’ arrives.

Kerry – Isabella (5yrs old)

I just wanted to write to say how wonderful Miss Karlie and Miss Jackie are. Maddie has attended Munchie Movers for a year and a half now. Maddison now aged two has gone from a little girl who would have a tantrum every time we had to give instruments or props back, to a little girl who has made lots of friends! Thanks to the teachers’ kind nature and nurturing ways Maddison now loves to dance and looks forward to attending each and every week. She enjoys showing her dance moves to family and has also learnt about sharing as well as improving her social and movement skills.

I would highly Recommend Munchie Movers as Maddie has improved in leaps and bounds.

Jodie – Maddison (2yrs)

We are so happy at Mucnhie Movers. I love seeing just how far she’s come. It actually amazes me how much dancing has further developed her gross motor skills!

Krystle – Sophie (4yrs old)

My daughter grace was 9 months old when she joined Munchie Movers. I had noticed that grace wasn’t that interested in music or moving to sounds as they played, so as soon as I saw a flyer about a baby class at Munchie Movers and I signed her up.

Since her first class, Grace has become more active with music, playing and now loves to dance! The class is a great opportunity for babies to interact with music, instruments, dance and each other and it is also a great way for mums and dads to spend some quality time with their bub. I recommend it highly to anyone wanting to do something different to encourage their baby to learn, grow and of course dance.

Jade – Grace (18 months old)